On Friday May 31st, I had surgery to fix multiple sinus issues. I had consulted Dr. Daly regarding the problems with Deviated Nasal Septum, Chronic Rhinitis, Turbinate Hypertrophy and other Chronic Sinusitis. There were several procedures performed while under general anesthesia, they included;

  • Septoplasty
  • Endoscopic Right Concha Bullosa Resection
  • Bilateral Middle Meatal Anstrostomies with Tissue Removal
  • Bilateral Total Ethmoidectomies

During the surgery, Septal splints were installed and eventually would be taken out after a week . I could say that there was a reasonable amount of pain after the surgery, as if someone had hit it me with a broad side of a 2×4. I was told to expect about 2 weeks before I could resume normal activities.  During the first week of recovery I slept in the recliner as to keep my head elevated. Saline spray was used to irrigate the sinuses.  Here is a picture of me right after I got home from the surgery.  Overall, the whole process went as expected. Hopefully the health benefits will be realized over time.

Several hours after outpatient Sinus surgery
Several hours after outpatient Sinus surgery